JOD-32 is an innovative, two-component sealant on the basis of polyurethane, which was created on the ground of new, eco friendly formulation. All technical data meets the highest European standards for secondary sealants, that makes this proposal absolutely unique on the market of Ukraine.



JOD-32 – high quality of the sealant is confirmed by the Certificates of international certified laboratories IKATES (Czech Republic) and ICBM (Poland).

JOD-32 – the most harmless polyurethane sealant. It does not require additional ventilation or protective masks wearing during the insulated glass units production process. Sealant meets ecological standards as it is produced from eco friendly raw materials (the so called green chemistry). The product does not contain volatiles and solvents.




JOD-32 – quality control of each lot of sealant. Before each shipment sealant pass through strict laboratory tests. You can be absolutely assured, that your equipment will show high performance abilities working on this product.
JOD-32 – the formula of sealant is specially adapted to any season, that will let you to reach optimal speed and parameters of polymerization. We can adopt our sealant to different versions according to the demands and requirements of our customers, special characteristics of sealant could be implemented.

JOD-32 – is a contribution in the production of a high quality insulating glass units on the market of Ukraine!

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