In such a difficult time as our country is going through, the business needs to consolidate, unite efforts to survive. Thus, in the context of a decrease in purchasing power as well as demand, the majority of window’s producers offer substantial discounts, carry out various promotions and other marketing activities aimed at facilitating sales.

Our company provides our partners with a high quality products, good service as well ad excellent conditions for cooperation and is ready to support you in such a difficult time.

Please, read the article “The Rules of game: Comply with or not” in the new issue of “Window Technologies” No. 79 2020.

The sealant is a very important component in the design of the double-glazed unit. A lot of different information has been submitted on this topic: polysulfide, polyurethane, silicone sealants, pros and cons, what to use in and which is better !? In this article, we have paid a special attention to this type of product.

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